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Churchill Recommendations

Jeremy Wiggins is the first transgender Australian to be awarded a Churchill Fellowship.

The ‘Churchill Recommendations’ is a community advocacy tool and is derived from the full Churchill Fellowship report which includes a range of principles, values and ethical standards that underpin best practice in developing, establishing and delivering health care services to trans and gender diverse communities.

The Churchill Recommendations focuses primarily on the adult experience of healthcare, but the principles are not limited to this age group and can be applied to a whole of life experience.

The Churchill Recommendations were developed through a community mobilisation and empowerment framework and are authored by Jeremy Wiggins, with Starlady, Ted Cook and Ryan Phillips. The authors hope that the Australian trans and gender diverse community can utilise this report to further our work to improve our health care.

The primary aim of these recommendations is to provide practical and critical guidelines to inform best practice processes for multiple key audiences in an accessible manner.

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services and consulting

  • LGBTQ community consultation and consumer engagement advice and facilitation.

  • Trans and Gender Diverse program and resource development and review.

  • Tailored staff and volunteer LGBTQ training packages for education providers, businesses, organisations and service providers.

  • Advice for businesses and organisations to best support transgender and gender diverse people in the workforce.

  • Policy and practice recommendations to assist community and government services to meet LGBTQ inclusive practice standards.

  • Secondary consultation around clinical and health service provision.

  • Direct professional advice and advocacy for LGBTQ people across a range of professional and personal contexts.

  • LGBTQ guest speakers for your next community or corporate event.